Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Off Road Caravan

Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Off Road Caravan

When you’re in the market for an off road caravan, these caravan variations can be confusing. Since these caravans are very similar to regular caravans (which are meant for highways), things can get even more confusing. What sets off road caravans apart from their road counterparts is the fact that they have been modified in such a way that they can easily handle unpaved roads, desert and bush tracks. Also, this modification allows the caravan to bear a lot of weight which is the result of wrinkles, potholes and ruts. Since, there are many different types of modifications, it is important to choose a caravan that has the modifications you need. Common modifications include higher ground clearance, reinforced chassis, off road tires and an off road suspension kit.

Full height is important

The full height off road caravan is very similar to a conventional caravan in terms of features, responsibilities and size. When choosing a caravan, there are a number of modifications and features you need to consider that contribute to its full height:


  • Galvanized chassis.
  • Bigger water tank.
  • Stronger cabinets that are mostly reinforced.
  • The chassis members are larger.
  • Articulated clutch for cranes.
  • Off road suspension, there are various types to choose from.
  • Stud pattern and wheel size to fit both vehicles.
  • Much better ground clearance.
  • Slightly higher back for better angle.
  • Stone guards are designed to protect cranes and caravans from rocks.
  • Heavy duty bumper.
  • Energy saving lamp.
  • Axel tandem.


Many high-end caravan manufacturers use these inclusions as part of their standard features. That said some off road caravan manufacturers only have a list of basic and extra features like heavy duty bumpers, energy saving lights etc. Needs to be added.

A common disadvantage associated with buying an all inclusive off road caravan is that despite being durable they are bulky and heavy. So, using a strong crane is very important. Some towing vehicles worth considering are the V8 Land Cruiser and F250. Also diesel powered 4WD is much better compared to petrol powered cranes due to better torque.

Karavan pop off top

Pop off top off road caravans are very popular in humid climates because they allow good ventilation and are not as heavy as a regular off road caravan. One does not need an expensive and powerful tow vehicle to tow a caravan that can accommodate five people with ease. The lower caravan height makes it suitable for higher speeds and better fuel economy. Its smaller size allows it to fit into a garage or parking lot. However, its drawbacks include not being able to go on every type of terrain. It should not be used on bush tracks with low hanging branches. Also, there’s not a lot of storage space like the heavier regular off road caravans.

So as a rule of thumb pop top caravans are much better suited for carpeted roads and desert environments, get one if you don’t have a powerful vehicle as their 1.5 tonne weight is not much. However, opt for a fully loaded 2.5 tone off road vehicle if you want true versatility.

JB Caravans has been manufacturing and selling high-end off road caravans in Australia for decades. Our caravans are made of high quality materials and designed to be sturdy no matter where they are used.

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